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Big Striped Bass have moved in!!

The big girls have settled in, and the bait is here to keep them around. Topwater fishing has been on fire! We finally got a chance to head out to Block Island. We left the dock at 5 PM and, with perfect conditions, reached the island in under 30 minutes. When we arrived, we found thousands of stripers chasing bait on the surface.

The tide was perfect, with an incoming tide creating a nice rip. The fish were stacked on the rip and just ahead of it, where we could see them finning and crashing on bait in the slick. The bait looked like juvenile bunker. So to match the hatch we went with the Haddon Spook and the Gravity Tackle Eel. After just a few casts, we were on. The bass were erupting on the lures we were tossing. It was game on once both lures hit the water. The 44"+ fish hit the Gravity Eel with a huge topwater take and the reel started screaming, while the Spook fooled some nice bass up to 35" as well. This feeding frenzy lasted a few hours, just until sunset. It's the best when you watch these fish explode on your lure!!

It's an epic time to catch a fish of a lifetime in the Striped Bass capital of the world: Rhode Island!

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