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Topwater Striper Bite is On Fire!

There's nothing quite like catching big Striped Bass on topwater. This beauty measured in at 38 inches and was caught using an Albie Snax. These soft plastic baits have been incredibly effective for targeting various species. Originally designed for catching False Albacore, also known as Little Tunny are small but fast members of the Scombridae Mackerel Tuna family, these baits have proven to be great for fooling Striped Bass as well.

We use 1/4 weighted hooks with a corkscrew connection to attach the Snax to the hook. The weighted hook aids in casting and keeps the bait just below the water surface, right in the strike zone. When a Striper hits, be ready! Often, a Striper will hit the bait first before attacking it. Sometimes, they'll strike with their tail to stun the bait before coming back to gulp it down. That's when you set the hook and hold on.

When you feel a hit, make the bait act as if it's injured by slowing the retrieve. This will entice the fish to come back and swallow it, increasing your hook-up rates with Stripers. Little adjustments like these can make a big difference when fishing for Striped Bass.

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